Nick Carter’s Solo Album – The Essentials

Hi and welcome to my brand new Nick Carter blog!

Basically I decided that right now my time is best spent focusing on Nick and his projects, at least for now. And to be honest he does so much that he probably should’ve had his own blog from me long before now. That said, if you read my TDS blog, it doesn’t mean that I won’t post about Nick over there. I totally will. That said there’s definitely going to be a full on focus here for Nick right now. (There will LOTS of different types of posts in the future but, had to start this blog off right!)

And I couldn’t launch a blog without making sure to take a moment to talk about what you NEED to know about his solo album! I’ll be making sure to update this by the way with ANYTHING new. This is a lot more stripped down than my post on The Dark Side, but trust me, you won’t miss anything here.


So what’s happening?

Solo Album

He released his first single – 80’s Movie! And trust me when I say it’s fantastic. Check it out below, of course.

Nick did a live Twitch stream for Tier 3 and Fan Club members where he gave us previews of two songs Real Shot and Girl I Knew. 

“Real Shot“. Literally sounds like it belongs on an 80’s movie soundtrack. Theme album? Given the single, maybe. It’s a song that gets you hyped up for a roadtrip. His voice soars on this and I have to say I’m incredibly impressed with how much his voice has grown.

Girl I Knew” and this is a Nick at what he does best, a power ballad. It’s got a haunting melody on this one and from what we heard really shows off his range. He sings deeper in some parts then goes off into his falsetto. There’s also a nice vampire reference for those of you who like me or Nick, love horror. His vocals on this one are so smooth it should be a crime.

Known producers he’s worked with:

Stuart Crichton – The very man who gave usDon’t Go Breaking My Heart and other gems from the DNA album. He gave us 80’s Movie as well so who knows, maybe he’ll give us other songs?

Martin Johnson – the lead singer in the group Boys Like Girls. But he’s also a guitarist and a songwriter. And I noticed his songwriting leans towards the pop/rock side of things like with Avril Lavinge’s Here’s To Never Growing Up. One song in particular that I really like that he helped write was Kygo’s Kids In Love which I’ll link below. He’s the producer we saw in the studio for Girl I Knew and Real Shot.

Release Date?

None yet but in December it sounded like he had a lot finished.


Second Single? Nick just announced today that he wants to aim for Valentine’s Day to release a new single! He’s also saying he’d like to make sure this song had a music video!



Twitch – Nick’s said he’s coming back to Twitch. Will this be just for video games? Could be or maybe it’s for his album. Since he’s done both it’s worth a mention here.

Unknown – Nick’s been teasing multiple times about an upcoming surprise on Instagram. Is it album related? Is it yet another project? Who knows!

Podcast With Lance Bass? A Collab? After posing in a photo with Lance and teasing a project, there’s been no news sense on what it might be. Some say it’s a podcast and others say it’s something else.

Check back for more updates!

One thought on “Nick Carter’s Solo Album – The Essentials

  1. Yeah!!!! Nick is so talented. He proved that to everyone on The Masked Singer. He deserves to succeed as a solo artist


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