Nick Carter Supports Pride In A Way That’s All His Own

Happy Pride Month Everyone!

So when Nick announced he was doing a charity event with AJ, along with NSYNC members Lance and Joey, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Nick collaborating with fellow boybanders isn’t a new thing, nor is it a shocking thing. He recruited plenty of boybanders for his movie Dead 7 and he did an album with Jordan Knight back in 2014. Nick loves to do projects with people. That’s just how he is and honestly? I don’t think any fans of his will ever complain because in the end it creates more content for us to enjoy no matter what the project is.

This started because he and Lance got involved with a cryptocurrency known as Tsuki. Now if you’ve seen even one of Nick’s Instagram Lives or Twitch Streams lately, you’ll know this because he’s passionate about it and keeps talking about it. I’m not going to pretend I understand it. Because it’s a bit confusing to me and many others but they seem to want to do good. And Nick keeps saying he wants to help change the world using it. Sounds good to me, am I right?

That’s when this project came up. Now Nick and Lance had been chatting it up before this, previously teasing the idea of a podcast together — something I still want to see happen if you read this Nick (or Lance honestly, if somehow he comes across a Nick Carter blog haha). But then they decided to have a project promoting a sense of unity now that the world is reopening again, and what better way to show that than with what were arguably the two biggest pop rivals of the late 90’s performing together? It was in Los Angeles over at The Grove. That’s not too far for a Vegas girl so on a whim with some friends, I decided to hell with it, let’s go!

(By the way, the shirt I’m wearing was designed by Sara over at What Happens On The Backstreet. It’s a great shirt and like me, she donates the profits to those who need it. So a win-win! Plus I can verify personally that it’s absolutely a Nick Carter approved shirt.)

The event itself was pretty well organized, especially when you considered there was at least 200 people there by my guess. The line waiting for the door was insane but security keep it pretty controlled and the seating had a solid set up. For fifty dollars where the proceeds went to LA Pride along with a donation to The Trevor Project where you got fed, a drink, bingo cards and seated pretty comfortably. Not to mention the epic performance by the “BackSync” group afterwards. Personally though I like Lance’s idea of “SyncStreet” more because it flows better.

After that? Well we had the afterparty. All four of them atteneded and strove to make as many fans feel special as possible. You’d see Joey joking with fans if he passed you by. Nick and Lance were often caught up in selfies. And as we know with Nick, he usually tries to go out of his way to go above and beyond to make every fan’s night special, for as many as he can.

So between the great cause where they donated a million dollars in Tsuki coins, and performances that won’t be forgotten in quite awhile…it has a lot of us wondering what’s next? I know I wouldn’t say no to more collaborative projects in the future. And this is coming from a girl who only owns NSYNC’s first album. Because who knew Nick going for an epic belt on Bye Bye Bye was something I needed in this world? But it definitely was. It spread love, supported something I’m absolutely passionate about (I’ve always been a hardcore Ally.), and was fun for all especially in a post-covid world. It reminded many of us why we’re fans of him in the first place. Because not only is he passionate about everything he does, he uses that passion and his innate creativity to drive some of the best ideas out into the world.

Keep the great ideas coming Nick.

And never change.

2 thoughts on “Nick Carter Supports Pride In A Way That’s All His Own

  1. I’m glad you had a great time and thank you for sharing the pics!! You look amazing and I love your shirt too! Totally agree with your words. This event and collab for supporting and celebrating Pride was a wonderful idea! So nice how Nick introduced Tsuki to Lance and they got to partner to help a project that’s so close to Lance’s heart and bring BackSync or StreetSync together! Also hope Nance podcast still happens ’cause their ig live was so fun. But any project they come up with in the future, I’m here for it!

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