Why We Love Watching Nick Carter Be a Father



I probably should’ve written this post in June, but I do things my own way.

Because, I don’t know about you guys, but when I became a fan? Nick was a floppy curtain haired teenager, charming the world with his fantastic vocals and killer smile. And while his hair is no longer floppy, he still manages to charm us all with even better singing now and a smile that makes people weak in the knees. That much hasn’t changed. So why do I, along with others, love watching his little videos with his kids so much? Have we just gotten old? No. Not really. So why is it one of my favorite things are his little Instagram lives where he’s the Pancake Daddy at a time so early in the morning here in Vegas, that it makes me wonder if he sleeps at all?

I can tell you why, it’s easy enough.

It’s no secret that Nick’s past with his family is a rough one. It’s a well known fact even if fans don’t like talking about it. Nick himself as mentioned it and we’ve seen remnants in tabloids and gossip sites over the years. Hell, the guy himself has had his own ups and downs. He’s never hidden his struggles. In fact he’s talk about them openly, hoping others can learn from his mistakes. Nick isn’t perfect and honestly I’ve always liked that about him. I’d rather my favorite singer be real. It ends up being inspiring watching someone come back and turn it all around, the way he’s done.

So watching him with his kids, seeing him so happy? It gives some serious warm fuzzies to watch. Because he’s (and the group) given fans so much joy over the years. To watch him try to be better than his parents before him, to make sure they have what he lacked? It’s probably one of the most heartwarming things you can see. And Nick’s the kind of guy who wants to share that. That’s why he’s always posting video or photos. Simply because he’s sharing what has him so happy and content. You can tell he has everything he’s wanted, and that those adorable Carter kids (and his wonderful wife Lauren) give him more joy than anything else. And that’s why we love it. Because this is a mature Nick, a settled version. A Nick who’s content and at peace with everything. He loves those kids and would do anything for them. One day, they’ll know just how lucky they are to have him as their dad. Not because he’s a Backstreet Boy. Not because he’s famous and known around the world.

But because he’s such a great person. One who’s passionate and puts his heart into everything he does.

Especially being a father.


2 thoughts on “Why We Love Watching Nick Carter Be a Father

  1. That’s ok. It is better to do it when the inspiration hits you than forcing it. I have seen his growth too. But it really pissed me off that fans have to create drama over him and his kids.


  2. I absolutely love how Nick shares his life and kids with us. It makes me feel like I really matter and it shows how much he truly loves his fans and wants us involved. I love watching him with his kids. It’s just so the most perilous thing and you can tell he is so happy!! And I really appreciate Lauren letting him be so open with kids.

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