Navigating a VIP Meet and Greet With Nick Carter in a Pandemic World

I’m not sure if anyone remembers, but back in May and June we in America thought that we were on track to beat this thing. But because not enough people got the vaccine, the virus mutated in new hosts and that’s how we get new variants like Delta Plus or Lambda. Please don’t debate the science in the comments cause I won’t approve them. The point is, in July after tickets and VIPs for Nick’s latest project, The After Party, went on sale things got worse when it came to life and the coronavirus.

I worried that the shows would be cancelled. It was depressing after so many of these kinds of things being taken away and finally getting them back, would we lose them again? I mean literally in June I was in a nightclub hugging Nick and posing for a selfie. But they didn’t cancel it. Not the shows and not VIPs. Instead they set new guidelines which promised that this VIP wouldn’t be like any other I’ve ever been too.

Socially distanced photos.

Masks on.

No hugs.

Sort of heartbreaking when you think about what we’re used to. And I’ll be honest I considered asking for a refund. I didn’t know what I wanted. The idea of not getting hugged or posing close, it gave me flashbacks to the early days of VIP. After some debating, I decided to keep it. Why not lean into the weirdness of this crazy pandemic world and mark this as a sign of the times, and even laugh at it later? Once my photo is uploaded I’ll post it here.

I was able to bring in a prop, which I wrote BEWARE OF NICK PLAGUE! on because, well I’m pretty damn extra and it’s a running joke in the fandom that Nick has his own virus cause of how often he gets sick on tour. Which then spreads to fans. Seemed pretty fitting for the times, right? I was allowed to bring it in without problems cause I was holding onto it myself, not him. We stood about three feet apart at most. When I told him about it, he laughed and we talked for a couple minutes. One thing I noticed during VIP was that he was really trying to take the time to chat with fans. He couldn’t hug anyone or anything but he was still trying to make these special. Something I’ve always appreciated with him.

Update: Here’s my photos which had me cracking up the second I saw them. They’re very 2021. No regrets.

I took my photo and moved on so my friend could take hers. Afterwards though he asked me to come back so I can take a photo without the sign which I thought was pretty cool. We’ll see how the photos come out. All that said, I encourage all of you who might have held on to their VIPs to just embrace the weird and find cute ways to have fun with it. Make it something you can laugh at later when we can finally have old fashioned meet and greets back.

It’s easy to get sad about it when you compare it to before. That’s okay. But if you look at it as something different, evolved for our current reality? You do okay. There was the same excitement buzzing with fans who went while we all waited in line. You could tell Nick was smiling despite the mask when he saw you. Those nerves that happen no matter how many times you’ve done this.

Little things that didn’t go away that made me smile.

If I’ve learned anything this year, it’s that life has it’s ups and downs. But it’s how you handle them that helps you get through it. I wished it could’ve been normal. I even told Nick how I wished I could’ve hugged him. But you could feel how much he appreciated the fans, and in our current reality..that’s enough. At least we’re getting this. And hey maybe as time goes on we’ll find more creative ways to make it work. Who knows? But I appreciated him making it happen anyway.

So thank you, Nick.

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