A Rebel’s Guide To The Nick Carter Galaxy – Part Four: The Album Yet To Come

Hello and welcome back to the Rebel’s guide to the Nick Carter Galaxy!

I’m your friendly neighborhood Rebel, Rose here for all your Nick needs. It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these and while you can check out Parts One, Two, and Three, this one will be a little different. Because while I plan to do one for All American and his other past projects in future posts, due to Nick being super inspired lately? I’m absolutely here to hype you guys up for his latest project and give you all the information we have thus far. Maybe if Nick sees this he’ll even volunteer some information?

A girl can dream.

So let’s start with what we knew prior to now. 80’s Movie which was released right after his run on The Masked Singer seems to have been a one off single rather than being attached to an actual album the way I’d previously assumed. The single did pretty decently and got some good reviews though he’s never once performed it live, much to my personal heartbreak.

It’s fine. I’m fine.

He was in the studio last year and streamed his time on Twitch, actually. During that we got previews of two songs, Real Shot which like 80s Movie sounds like it belongs on an eighties soundtrack. It’s upbeat and something you’d play on a roadtrip. The other song was the now infamous Girl I Knew. And that one I’ll just leave this tweet below.

I think if this never gets released in full, Nick just might have a riot on his hands. Fans have been saying “justice for Girl I Knew” ever since the promised Valentine’s Day release that tragically never came to be. But hey sometimes things happen. And I don’t think Nick’s abandoned the song yet. But after February we didn’t hear very much about a solo album.

To be fair that’s because of the now postponed Christmas album.

But here Nick is again trying to save 2021 the way he saved 2020!

Because this past week he returned to the studio! Then he even popped on Instagram from the studio playing an early version of a song I’d assume he’s planning to record. Or started recording. Either way he was super hyped and with good reason. This song was nothing like the three I talked about above. But that’s just fine. I liked those songs and I love this one. Nick’s got an eclectic music taste. I’ve talked about that before. It’s part of what makes him so diverse an artist. So if this album has different genres and doesn’t have a theme the way I once thought it would? That’s just fine by me. But let’s link his Instagram Live video for those of you who might’ve missed it.

Can we just talk about this? This is a Nick that wants to get down, he wants to get funky and it sounds pretty damn different from everything else he’s put out there so far. That’s exciting. This has me so hyped. And Nick’s talking about how he’s inspired? That’s the best kind of version of him there is! Ready to create and give us the best he can.

Next thing is…who has he worked with so far?

Stuart Crichton – The very man who gave usDon’t Go Breaking My Heart and other gems from the DNA album. He gave us 80’s Movie as well. I don’t think he’s worked with him again since last year but since he did give us that single, it’s worth keeping a mention here.

Martin Johnson – the lead singer in the group Boys Like Girls. But he’s also a guitarist and a songwriter. And I noticed his songwriting leans towards the pop/rock side of things like with Avril Lavinge’s Here’s To Never Growing Up. One song in particular that I really like that he helped write was Kygo’s Kids In Love which I’ll link below. He’s the producer we saw in the studio for Girl I Knew and Real Shot. Nick worked with him on other songs as well last year. I haven’t seen him mentioned in any recent studio sessions Nick is doing but we don’t know if he’s scrapping anything from last year.

Hopefully not. Just do a double album if you have to Nick!

Again, a girl can dream.

The latest has been Vic “Billboard Killer” Martin. He’s worked with some heavy hitters. I’m talking TLC, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Jim Jonsin, and a lot more. Pretty sure he’s a driving force behind this funky sound and bless his soul if that’s the case. While Nick’s dabbled a little on the r&b side for his solo work, it hasn’t been too deep and it’s something he’s really good at when he wants to be. Like obviously he loves his rock and he slays that too, but this is just as good.

What about a release date?

Nick keeps teasing October as shown here.

But the thing is, is that just for a song or an entire album? Don’t know. But when Nick is hyped about a project he loves to share so he can keep sharing with us. And I’ll be here updating to keep it all in one place until we have it in our hot little hands. And if Nick wants to release his album as an NFT, cause of his love of crypto? Fine. Here for it. Long as we can all buy it, right? October though, perfect month since that happens to also host my birthday in there.


New Updates! (September 21st)

Okay I should’ve updated this last week but like, I had a 98 Degrees concert. Then I chose chaos and started a whole thing between Nick and Jeff Timmons. Not to mention flying out to Utah from Vegas for a whole twelve hours on the ground to see Nick at a comic con. Where I tried to make Nick promise to release a song on my birthday, October 8th. (He did, but…we’ll see if that actually happens LOL. I forgive you in advance Nick, if you see this.)

The short version of this story is that due to the chaos, I slacked on this.

Meanwhile, Nick’s been making new songs with Vic.

Names of new songs mentioned on the Twitch stream he did recently were Smile, Easy, Get Back To Loving, and Cooked Food. (I tried to embed the video here but WordPress or Twitch, one of them isn’t cooperating so here’s the link to the stream.) With Get Back To Loving wanted to write a song about what’s going on in the world and just start feeling love and living life again. He clearly wants to go deeper right now and I love this.

Let’s talk about Good Times. He’s trying to connect with Bizzy from Bone Thugs N Harmony, and maybe they’ll actually have a track together? Good Times is the song Nick wants him on as it’s a tribute to the group. They definitely DID connect and this song is funky as hell. It’s got an old school vibe which I dig and it’s another side of Nick we don’t see musically that often. Tell me this collaboration will happen and be released.


Cooked Food is the song I keep calling Saucy thanks to one part of the beat. That’s the one we’ve heard the most. It’s r&b and it’s really got a Timbaland vibe to it. It gets stuck in your head fast. I’ll hum saucy saucy saucy in my head for days. On the flip side of this, you have Easy which has a country vibe. But hey, Nick is diverse. This one is probably a solid peak musically into Nick’s day to day life, from what we saw of the lyrics. And man does it sound good. And Smile, well, you’ll end up crying once we hear it in Nick’s voice. Because it’s about his daughters. Yup.

As for how it’ll be released, Nick’s said part of it will be a NFT but he hasn’t thought too far past that. Far as I’m concerned as long as fans can afford it and figure out how to get it, then I don’t care. Long as we can listen to it, am I right?


October Updates!

Apologies for this being late! My birthday and then getting a really nasty cold held me up but I’m here with the updates all in one place! So let me get this out of the way. Nick has a NEW song called Scary Monsters that I ramble on forever in this post here. It’s out. Go listen to it.

Next up! There’s a song Spotlight and no it’s not the one from the documentary. Tragically I was working when he decided to preview this on an IG live stream so I missed it since he didn’t save it. It’s fine. I’m fine. (I’m not fine.) I have faith I’ll hear it soon enough. Why do I feel like that? Well, a few reasons. First off, he announced that the album will be out in early 2022. He also stated that he’d be doing a listening party here in Las Vegas in December. Can fans go? Don’t know. If I can go, I’ll go.

Secondly? He posted this in his IG stories recently.

Looks like a tracklisting in progress to me! The one that’s peaked my curiosity? Boyband Song. Lord knows Nick has a sense of humor and I can easily see him poking fun at his musical career. So yeah. That one I’m really interested in.

This also confirms a suspicion of mine. All the stuff he recorded last year looks to be scrapped. I’m leaving what we know about those songs on this post in case I’m wrong, but it’s not looking great. That’s okay. I’d rather he release the music he’s super passionate about right now. Just leak Girl I Knew Nick if that’s the case, before you start a riot. (Ha!) But seriously, this might just mean the new songs that make it are miles ahead. Or maybe he just wants a different vibe now. Either way, it’ll be okay.



December Updates!

While I do a post all about the album listening event, I wanted to make sure I linked it here. Also, Nick tweeted this out. So it’s looking like the new single of the upcoming album is going to be Easy. As long as we don’t get a repeat of the Girl I Knew incident the last time he tweeted new music out of excitement. (Still love you Nick!)

This concludes our current updates so far!

That about wraps up everything we know about the Album Yet To Come. But unlike my previous guides, I’ll be featuring updates either by linking the separate posts in here or updating the post itself. So stay tuned!

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