The Zombies Are Coming… – My Thoughts on Nick’s New Song “Scary Monster”

This Halloween Nick gave us a treat instead of a trick!

I know I need to update my post keeping up on Nick’s solo work. Apologies, I’ve been sick. It slowed me up (not covid though, just a cold). I’ll probably do that immediately after this goes up.

But I had to, I just had to do this first. From the moment Nick gave us a preview from the studio just days after learning that yes we’ll see his album next year, I was excited. And I’ll admit it – I’m totally biased. A spooky Halloween-esque song from one of my all time favorite singers? Sign me up y’all! We all know I love zombies. I mean I’ve got multiple zombie themed photos with Nick or BSB. Yes, I said multiple.


It’s been a little divisive among fans. That’s okay. If it turns out it’s not your thing just close the window playing the song or this post. No one’s going to like everything, obviously. But I encourage everyone to give it an open mind for a few reasons. Some have said they want real music from Nick right now. Why is this not real music? I’m not saying this song is Thriller but if you judged that song on the subject alone, you’d be missing out on a classic. Yes this song is about monsters, ghosts and zombies. At least on the surface.

I’d love to know it Vic “Billboard Killer” Martin was the writer, if it was Nick, both or someone else entirely. Because I love to look at lyrics. Sometimes to poke fun and other times to see what I can take out of a song. I’m no muscian but I really do love music and it’s always been a passion of mine. Obviously or my blogs wouldn’t exist.

Now the song itself besides having a dark and mysterious vibe to the melody, it’s definitely more of an anthem than anything. And there’s a few lyrics that really had me thinking, you know?

Six feet down
Cold and still
Night is coming

(Hey! Hey!)
The ghost inside my head is a scary monster
(Hey! Hey!)
You’re coming back from the dead you scary monster
(Monster, Monster)
(Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!)
Gotta get you out of my head you’re a scary monster

I might be reading too much into the lyrics. Finding meanings that weren’t originally there. But that’s the fun of music, isn’t it? Besides the fact it can touch so many people, it’s absolutely subjective. And the lyric that stood out to me most was that it’s ‘The ghost inside my head is a scary monster’. Not a monster he’s seeing for real. Not a real ghost. Ghosts inside your head. This could be my old psychology courses in college but it made me think of depression, honestly. Bad memories haunting someone. Or a past that came back to bite. And that the scary monster is a metaphor for something deeper, lyrically speaking.

I mean zombies are monsters that come rising from something you thought was dead and gone, right? You think you’re past something and suddenly it’s back to chase you, to haunt you, all over again.

Gotta get you out of my head you’re a scary monster.

That aside, even if I’m dead wrong. What’s better around Halloween than a fun song to get you in the spirit? I mean Monster Mash was a thing. And you can really see the Thriller influence in the child’s prayer interlude that with Nick’s deep vocals can really send a chill. The song itself is supposed to promote a specific type of Crypto so for right now it’s just on YouTube though Nick’s said it’ll be on streaming platforms soon. I hope so, because I really want to be able to just buy the song already!

But my favorite thing about this song? It’s that you can tell Nick made this song because he wanted to. That was why he was so excited to let fans get a preview of it. Nick doesn’t make the music people insist he make. No, when it comes to his solo work, he makes the music he wants to. The only album you can possibly argue otherwise (and I would) is Now Or Never. But there’s no labels interferring. Nick makes it all work on his own. This is the same guy who made an alien themed love song – I’m Taking Off, anyone? A zombie themed song with layers, is right in line with what he’d want to do. It’s refreshing when an artist does what they want, musically without the fakeness of it all.

Go on with your bad self Nick!

Since we’re not getting the album until early 2022? I’m just happy to get some content I can enjoy in the meantime. Keep it coming!

Check out “Scary Monster” below and I’ll be back to update with streaming links once we have them!

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