All The Reasons Fans Have Said They Love Nick Carter

I’m all about positivity.

Some may call it toxic positivity but I find when you focus on the light? It helps chase away the dark, those shadows lingering around. I’d asked you guys on Twitter why you loved Nick Carter. Originally? I didn’t have a blog in mind. But then I was sitting in my living room, watching Inuyasha because I’ve seen it a million times and can sort of zone out, and it hit me. Why not put them all in one place? A love bomb, of sorts. I’m no good at memes or graphics but I feel like with words I can express what I feel.

What a lot of us are feeling, really. Or what so many need, and that’s light.

Not just for Nick, but for the fans.

So here we are in a post full of reasons why we’re still here.

Let’s count them down!

His Laugh

You know what I’m talking about, that cackle that comes out when he’s just laughing his ass off. It’s an instant way to make you smile.

His Heart

Nick will give, and give. That’s just what he does. He doesn’t need to, he doesn’t have to. How many times has he done stuff for charity? Whether it’s for Cure4TheKids or On Our Sleeves, as the most recent examples, kisses for donations to get kids gifts for Christmas, you name it. He’s dmed fans, let them know they’re not alone. He’s a kind soul. Period.

His Love For Being A Father

I know my heart bursts every time he talks about his kids, or spends time with them. Most recently getting emotional at a video of Saoirse dancing to Last Christmas, or his pride for Odin as he gets older, or the way he lights up at Pearl? Pancake Daddy is one of the best versions of Nick. He loves those sweet babies more than anything and it’s obvious to anyone watching.

His Passion

The way he performs on stage is sometimes chill enducing. He’s said it himself, he performs like it’s his very last time on that stage, because it might be. That sort of passion is rare and it’s something we love. On top of his raw talent, there’s a drive there that you don’t always see and it’s what keeps him going and he never hesitates to give his all. No matter what.

His Strength

Nick’s ability to get back again when life knocks him down is something to admire. The way he’s managed to turn his life around. He’s never been perfect, and has never claimed to be. He’s talked about the dark road he was on, and how hard it was to get off of it. But get off of it he did. And he’s not the person he was over twenty years ago, and that’s something to admire. He refuses to go down without a fight. It’s inspiring.

His Empathy

When you talk, Nick listens. He cares. Enough said.

His Personality

Let’s face it, Nick is a nerd. He knows it and we know it. But he embraces it, knowing he’s an absolute goofball and not giving a single damn. He literally got so bored during the pandemic he started doing Twitch streams to play video games with fans and getting scared by ghosts in the game. How do you not love a goofball like that?


Yes I realize that’s not a word. But his hugs do make you feel nice, loved, and seen. Honestly though his hugs deserved a mention and I refuse to hear any arguments as to otherwise.

His Vocals

Because when Nick wants to, he can really really sing his ass off. In fact I have an entire damn post in existence on this blog dedicated to this point. But basically Nick is ridiculously underrated vocally because he’s in a boyband. He can sing any type of music, he can hold a note for ages and he knows how to sell it.

He’s One of a Kind

There’s literally no one else like him. Musically, artistically, he’s just…Nick.


You know what? You guys make a great point.

Everything about him is a reason to love him and there’s no reason not to. This is something I firmly believe. That hasn’t changed and it’s not going. If there’s a reason you want to leave, add it in the comments below. Because really, Nick makes it so easy to be a fan. He does his best to show his love and appreciation, he tries to connect with fans in every conceivable way, he fanboys like no other, and gives his all on that stage every night. He’s given us so many musical gems over the years, with and without BSB.

Though…one specifically comes to mind right now.

The world on the outside’s trying to pull me in
But they can’t touch me
Cause I Got You

Thank you Nick, for being who you are.


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