Wishing You The Happiest of Birthdays, Nick Carter


You may or may not read this, I have no idea. But I’m writing this not just myself, not just for you, but for the fans of yours all around the world. The people you’ve touched in ways you likely never realized. It’s crazy isn’t it, to think about the effect a performer can have on the lives of “normal” people? The songs you create can brighten a day. A reply to a fan’s DM can save a life. A tweet can cause a smile. A meet and greet might be remembered forever. Little things, right? I reached out because I know I’m not alone in knowing that you’re the kind of person that tries to make every experience memorable. It may not be why we became fans but it’s definitely why we stayed fans. To quote your soon to be released single...

You make it easy to love you.

For me personally there’s been a few moments. Most recently, I remember last year when I went Phoenix for The AFTR PRTY show my friend and I ran into you on the hotel elevator. I was half asleep and you were as excited to see me as as we were to see you. It’s that kind of energy that really does remind us how great a person you are. There’s so many artists that don’t appreciate the fans. But you do, you sincerely do. And we remember that Nick.

It’s crazy to think you’re officially 42! As someone who grew up on you (and BSB) it’s a bit mind boggling but it’s also been a treat to watch you grow. Your strength and resilence as life threw you hurdles serves as an inspiration to many of us and we’re proud to see how far you’ve come. Not just personally. But even your growth as an artist too over the years. We know it hasn’t been easy.

Words can be hard sometimes but I hope you know how much your fans love you.

And this is just a small sample of the lives you’ve managed to touch, to change. So please Nick enjoy your birthday. Thank you for your talent, your energy and your passion. Thank you for always caring. Thank you for being all of who you are. And please, don’t ever change.

Happy Birthday Nick, we love you!

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